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February 07 2018

Anyone wanna be xbox friends?


Being gay + fat culture is blocking fit guys on grindr who message you first because you instantly assume they’re catfish.


DON’T talk to me until i’ve had my lighter fluid

I’d die for you Poogie

Call out post for the Barroth

A muddy boy

Threw me in mud

Keeps trying to sleep when I wanna hunt him

Generally a bad boy


Anyone play Monster Hunter World on xbox one?

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Anyone play Monster Hunter World on xbox one?

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WHO is he someone please TELL me who this Boy is

That’s Bone Bone the cat!

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Alright Nintendo hear me out, I have some ideas on how Zelda games can be improved 


it’s a cold and it’s a broken hollaback girl 

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When reddit is woke


Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC where you fight Dorian’s dad Mortal Kombat style.


Chubby gay culture is having to send an additional message reminding the person you’re chatting with that you’re chubby so if they’re going to reject you they can do it sooner


Mirror me, selfie me, and real-life me have got to come to some sort of agreement


my friends: they were totally flirting with you just then
me: they were mocking me at best and most likely casting a curse on me

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